County Services Peer Groups

County Services provides peer group opportunities for colleagues to support and learn from one another. Peer groups meet regularly to receive updates and plan appropriate professional development. To join a peer group listserv, contact one of the peer group leadership.

County Directors

Leadership: Sam GensonKarrie King, Sarah DeBour, Abby Sorensen

This peer group welcomes county directors, county program directors, office managers or anyone who is in a county role with like responsibilities. They meet monthly to provide support and practical problem solving to lead county office and staff while serving as a conduit of communication between counties and state partners. They also coordinate professional development opportunities. 


Leadership: Tiffany Magstadt, Meri Skala 

This peer group is for individuals who serve as an internal and/or external bookkeeper for a county. They meet face to face two times a year in April and October as well as individual one on one consultation in July and December.

Office Assistants

Leadership: Lisa Chensvold, Audra Fisher, Traci Kloetzer, Pam Kollasch, Hannah Offenburger, Sara Sorensen, Mica Paul

Office assistants from across the state meet monthly. The meetings allow for peer group discussions and networking opportunities for front line staff.

Urban Directors

Leadership: Paul GibbinsMolly Hewitt

This peer group welcomes county and regional directors serving the ten largest counties in Iowa. Collectively these counties serve 52% of the population, primarily in urban centers, while also serving rural communities and residents. This group discusses innovative way to provide support to staff while also serving an urban population. This group meets monthly. 

Updated May 10, 2021