County Services Awards

The purpose and mission of the County Services Awards is to increase local recognition of individuals and teams who have done outstanding work. Using a similar application as the state awards process, county and regional staff and council members can apply for County Services Awards. Those who apply will be encouraged to submit their revised/updated applications to the state awards. Refer to the County Services Awards Summary that identifies award qualifications and which are for individuals or teams.

Award resources and tools for 2022 (MyExtension, for staff only)

Past County Services Award winners



SW County Services Awards Committee Members

Julie Hering Kent, Region 22 Regional Director, Chair
Annie Fisher, Adams County Office Assistant
Julee Grell, Carroll County Director
Mandy Maher, Fremont County Director
Hallie Robinette, Region 21 Youth Program Specialist
Alexis Stevens, Farm Management Specialist

South Central

Winners 2021
Awards Celebration - Jan. 13, 2022

SC County Extension Council Distinguished Service - Jasper, Marion, Mahaska

SC Creativity in Service to All Iowans

SC Excellence in COVID Recovery - Early Childhood Mental Health Team - Dallas, Madison, Warren Counties

SC Excellence in Partnership to Iowans - Cathrine Lents

SC Exceptional Volunteer Service

SC Originality and Innovation in Programming - Megan Frell, Tiffany Berkenes, Marisue Hartung

SC Pride of Extension - Carol Camp

SC Program Area Recognition 

  • Cassie Odland, Michelle Schott, Megan Freel - Human Sciences
  • Brooke Blessington, Madison County - Iowa 4-H

SC Spirit of Cy - Logan Kinyon

SC County Services Awards Committee Members

Ann Torbert, Region 15 Regional Director, Chair
Rosa Gonzalez, Human Sciences Family Well-being Specialist
Madisen Gaskin, Polk County Youth Coordinator
Leanne Chapman-Thill, Marion County Director
Lisa Chensvold, Madison County Office Assistant
Courtney Chapman, Youth Program Specialist





Winners 2021
Awards Celebration - Jan. 24, 2022

SE County Extension Council Distinguished Service - Washington County

SE Creativity in Service to All Iowans

SE Excellence in COVID Recovery - Amey Kollar

SE Excellence in Partnership to Iowans

SE Exceptional Volunteer Service - Debbie Jarr

SE Originality and Innovation in Programming

SE Pride of Extension - Nancy Carr, Amy Green, Andy Miller

SE Program Area Recognition - Ag Exploration Committee

SE Spirit of Cy - Shannon Bielicke

SE County Services Awards Committee Members

Katharinna Bain, Region 19 Regional Director, Chair
Cherry Sandeen, Youth Program Specialist
Ryan Drollette, Farm Management Specialist
Mary Steffner, Des Moines County Youth Coordinator
Emily Belvel, Keokuk County Program Coordinator (OA)
Sam Genson, Clinton County Director