4-H Club Financial Management

Dr. John Lawrence Letter - 4-H Club Financial Management to Extension Districts

4-H Club Financial Management resources for 4-H clubs and county extension offices. This process is in compliance the Iowa State Auditor's office and is consistent with sound fiduciary practices that clubs should follow. It is also supported by ISU Extension and Outreach central administration and the Iowa Extension Council Association.

Extension district financial policies are being implemented because 4-H club and learning communities’ funds are public funds according to Iowa Code and extension districts have fiduciary responsibilities to manage them. Public Funds, as defined in Iowa Code Chapter 12C.1, are those funds owned by a public entity such as a county extension district. This includes both tax and non-tax monies. All monies generated by users of the district entity are owned by the district, not the user, and are under the control of the local extension council.

All public funds are the legal responsibility of the extension council. Legal responsibility assigned by law cannot be transferred by extension council action. All public funds have the same legal requirements for accounting, reporting, auditing, proper signatures, segregation of duties, publishing, bonding, investing and uniform financial accounting procedures.

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Iowa 4-H Resources

Iowa 4-H Club Management - Regulations, Guidance, and Resources

4HP 3000 Financial Guidelines for 4-H Clubs

4HP 3030 Appropriate Use of Funds V2 Accessible

So You're the Club Treasurer

Policy and Talking Points

Office of Iowa State Auditor 4-H Club Funds Opinion Letter  (February 12, 2018)

CS.7.20.18 Extension District Financial Policies for 4-H Clubs 2018  (July 20, 2018)

CS.7.20.18 4-H Financial Management Talking Points  (July 20, 2018)

CS.9.24.18 Managing 4-H Club Funds FAQ  (Updated, September 24, 2018)

CS.11.19.18 4-H Club Revenue Handling Best Practices (New November 19, 2018)

CS.7.20.18 4-H Guidelines and Fund Management - PowerPoint  (July 20, 2018)

4-H Club and Extension District Partnership Agreement

CS.7.20.18 4-H Club Partnership Agreement.docx  (July 20, 2018)

4-H Club Financial Management Forms

CS.7.19.19 Cash Counting Worksheet.xlsx (New July 2019 - editable, front and back print)

CS.6.27.2019 Pre-audit Report 4-H Club Transfer (New July 2019 - editable)

Report Example:  CS.2.25.2019.4-H Club Finance Report Example.HandyHelpers (New February 25, 2019)

Report Help Sheet: CS.4.17.2019.4-H Club Financial Management - How to Read Reports  (New June 2019 - print only)

CS.9.10.2021 4-H Club Account Voucher Request.xlsx  (Sept. 10, 2021 - date field added)

CS.7.13.18 4-H Club Account Deposit Slip.xlsx  (July 13, 2018)

CS.11.19.18 4-H Club Checking Account Transaction Register (New November 19, 2018)

CS.7.13.18 4-H Club Account Inventory Worksheet.xlsx  (July 13, 2018)