It Starts With Extension

March 2011

It Starts With Extension! So, what is IT?

“It” is the many times in your life when you need to know more about something and want reliable information. ISU Extension, through publications, Web pages and educational experiences, is it — the way university research gets to all Iowans so they can use it in their daily life. You can apply it to your questions and make sound decisions based on it. You can trust it.

It Starts With Your Money

answer line Liz Meimann

ISU Extension can help you get a grip on your money and make the most of what you have. Last year 9,690 Iowans participated in ISU Extension family financial management programs. Sixty-four percent reported reducing debt. Similar programs can help you manage your finances, plan for the future and start paying back loans.

“In 14 months, we have knocked $23,000 off the principal for our mortgage. We track our spending so we don’t spend foolishly. We stay focused on our goal of being debt free in 18 months.” — Budget Basics participant

It Starts With a Quick Answer

Are you wondering if the salad that sat out for two hours is safe to eat? Do you want to know why there’s mold growing on the bathroom wall? Maybe the ink pen that got in the load of wash and is now all over your clothes? When mom’s not available, ISU Extension’s Families Answer Line is your source for answering the real world’s pesky problems. Call 800-262-3804.

"The advantage to talking to Answer Line staff is we can tailor the answer to the caller’s specific question using research-based information; it isn’t just something that they find posted on the Internet. When they have a second or third question about the answer we give them, we can answer those too."

— Liz Meimann, Answer Line coordinator, during an interview with KIMT-TV

It Starts With Healthy Eating

Fast-paced lifestyles are less than ideal for a well-rounded, healthy diet. To help you eat deliciously and nutritiously on a thrifty budget, ISU Extension provides programs and multiple online spending and nutrition resources. Whether you want to know about buying, preparing or serving food, or just staying fit, ISU Extension is ready to help.

“I have wanted to try greens of this sort but did not know how to fix them. I will try this. And I also want to thank you for all your nutrition information. I look forward to every article.” —Trish, commenting on the Jan. 31, 2011, “Spend Smart.Eat Smart.” blog post

It Starts With Having Your Own Business

Extension has people and tools to help you turn an aspiration into a business. ISU Extension has helped more than 1,500 Iowa companies learn how to find appropriate bids, market their products and services, and increase their sales in the government marketplace. The resources to help with sound business advice and insights into Iowa’s economy are available through Extension’s educational areas.

“CIRAS (Center for Industrial Research and Service) really gave me some good pointers on how to start a business and what to look for … it was invaluable and it was free. CIRAS pointed me in a direction to help me get some business.” — Wayne Morgan, owner of Mid Iowa Satellite.

It Starts With Young People

Through Iowa 4-H, you can share your interests and talents as you build your skills and knowledge. Almost 10,000 Iowa volunteers guide 4-H members in developing leadership, communication and citizenship skills. The Iowa 4-H Center and 4-H clubs in every county provide the opportunities to work with these young people. Volunteers report learning from their 4-H experience as much as the young 4-H’ers do. Iowa 4-H Youth Development is headquartered in the Extension 4-H Youth Building.

“The youth development training required to be club leader opened my eyes to what Safety and Education in Shooting Sports was all about. We are involving kids in this club who have never been interested in 4-H before. We’re also involving parents and adults who have never had 4-H experience.” — Andy Hill, Manly, shooting sports club leader

It Starts With Extension!

Watch the interview with Answer Line's Liz Meimann to learn how this Extension hotline helps Iowans.

Answer Line from Iowa State University Extension on Vimeo.