Banner - County

Editing and Creating a Banner for your site.

  1. Banner images should be uploaded as RGB JPEG or RGB PNG files.
  2. Go to Content Management > Create Content > Banner Slideshow
  3. Enter Title – This becomes the title of your banner and shows up on the right above the intro text.
  4. Body – This is where you will put your intro text. Keep it short.

    1. Button link – Add a text in a separate line and simply add a link on it. It will automatically get styled as a button.
  5. Upload Banner Image (County Website Banners: 350px x 170px) – Browse to the photo and click Upload
  6. Add the URL in the Banner_Link URL field. This is where the banner will link to. Should be the same as the link you add in the Body field (if applicable)
  7. Save


Editing the Banner Slideshow for Counties

  1. Each image is edited separately.
  2. To access each banner to edit them, go to:[YOUR COUNTY NAME]/banner/ (this page was created so you can view all the images and access their “Edit” button.)