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Biswa Das

Biswa Das is a faculty member in the Department of Community and Regional Planning at ISU and an extension specialist with ISU Extension and Outreach. He is involved in research and outreach on topics and issues relating to public finance and community and economic development. He also teaches courses on public finance and public policy.    

Kaley Hohenshell

Kaley Hohenshell is a Program Coordinator with a split position between Community and Economic Development and Ag & Natural Resources Extension and Outreach. She is involved in food systems development programming and projects and helps deliver leadership and food systems development process certifications nationally. 

Ross Wilburn

Ross Wilburn is in his 5th year as the Associate Director of Community & Economic Development for Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. In addition, he is the Diversity Advisor for ISU Extension and Outreach.

Scott Timm

Scott Timm is a state-wide Field Specialist for Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Community and Economic Development, based in Decora.  Scott is a member of the Local Government and Housing team, and has been with CED for ten years.

Diane Van Wyngarden

Diane Van Wyngarden is a statewide Field Specialist for Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Community and Economic Development (CED), based in Mahaska County.  Diane is a member of the Local Economies team, and has been with ISU Extension and Outreach for 19 years. 

Susan Erickson

Susan Erickson wears several different hats for the CED Extension unit.  She spends her days balancing duties of social media manager, outreach program coordinator, and landscape architect.

Julie Robison

Julie Robison joined Iowa State University in October 2019; she splits her time between the College of Design's  Institute for Design Research and Outreach (IDRO) and ISU Community and Economic Development Extension & Outreach. 

Abbie Gaffey

Abbie Gaffey is a Community Economic Development Field Specialist. She works primarily on rural housing issues.

Omar Padilla

Omar joined ISU Extension and Outreach Community and Economic Development in March of 2020. He previously worked in affordable housing for Habitat for Humanity, and before that as a member of Senator Tom Harkin’s Iowa staff.

Bre Miller

Bre Miller is a Program Assistant with ISU Extension and Outreach Farm, Food, and Enterprise Development and Community and Economic Development. She is working on her master’s in Community and Regional Planning with the College of Design.