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Jane Nolan Goeken

Community development specialist Jane Nolan Goeken works with cities, counties and nonprofit organizations to make Iowa communities even better places to live and work.

Facilitation training will help CED stay on 'ToP' of its game

A major facet of community development is collaborative decision making. However, effectively leading groups of oftentimes diverse stakeholders to engage in meaningful and inclusive participation is sometimes challenging. That’s where good facilitation comes in.

Facilitation is one of the many services offered by the Community and Economic Development (CED) program at Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. In its ongoing effort to provide exceptional service to Iowa communities, CED hosted ToP® (Technology in Participation) facilitation training August 7–8 in Ames. Read more about Facilitation training will help CED stay on 'ToP' of its game


Goal Setting, Strategic Planning, Facilitation

Goal setting and strategic planning help local governments and nonprofits address critical issues, identify priorities, and develop action plans to accomplish those priorities. An effective board or council is one that works together towards common goals. Taking time annually as a group to prioritize and plan to move forward is vital for any government or nonprofit group. Read more about Goal Setting, Strategic Planning, Facilitation