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Sara Shonrock

Sara Shonrock is a Program Coordinator for the Local Governments Team, working with local communities to provide assistance in a variety of different areas. Her previous experience has been in state and local housing.

Himar Hernandez

Himar Hernández is the Assistant Director of the Community and Economic Development Extension unit and works with different teams in areas of community leadership and equity and inclusion.

Nora Ladjahasan

Nora Ladjahasan is an Assistant Scientist IV with the Institute for Design Research and Outreach, College of Design and works with The Data and Technology team of Community and Economic Development. She conducts community surveys as part of the community needs assessment process and does research data analysis. 

Biswa Das

Biswa Das is a faculty member in the Department of Community and Regional Planning at ISU and an extension specialist with ISU Extension and Outreach. He is involved in research and outreach on topics and issues relating to public finance and community and economic development. He also teaches courses on public finance and public policy.