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Advanced Accounting and CAFR Training

This class will instruct participants on understanding and applying year-end cash to accrual accounting conversion for cities and utilities. Particular emphasis will be placed on the reconciliation adjustments to the government-wide statements and maintenance of government-wide funds. Participants will also learn how to prepare a comprehensive annual financial report after the year-end accrual conversions are complete. Read more about Advanced Accounting and CAFR Training

BA120MPI-2: Fundamentals of Public Speaking

This session will focus on techniques for making city clerks better verbal communicators. It will provide clerks with some background on ways to assist in getting a message across through verbal communication. The session will also provide clerks with an opportunity to test these skills by presenting a short talk, which will be critiqued to help clerks improve their skills. This session will be done on an individual basis with the instructor. The instructor will review your video with you and provide suggestions on how to improve your speaking techniques. (Note: the last part of this will be a one-on-one evaluation done concurrently with FX250MPI).  Read more about BA120MPI-2: Fundamentals of Public Speaking


Office of State and Local Government Programs

Iowa State University Extension State and Local Government Programs reach public officials in all 99 Iowa counties and in a majority of the state's 944 incorporated cities every year. The Office of State and Local Government works with various state, county and municipal organizations and their affiliates to deliver educational programming to enhance government service delivery through the professional development of elected officials and appointed staff. Read more about Office of State and Local Government Programs

BA101MPI: Elements of a Financial System

Is it a puzzle or a maze? No, it's not chemistry class, but the elements do have individual components that blend together to make something else. The financial system is made of many pieces. How they all fit together is critical to the understanding of your role as a city clerk. This session will be the basis of future sessions, introducing the many facets of the financial system and their interdependence.  Read more about BA101MPI: Elements of a Financial System


Goal Setting/Strategic Planning

Goal setting and strategic planning help local governments and nonprofits address critical issues, identify priorities, and develop action plans to accomplish those priorities. An effective board or council is one that works together towards common goals. Taking time annually as a group to prioritize and plan to move forward is vital for any government or nonprofit group. Read more about Goal Setting/Strategic Planning