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Township Trustee and Clerk Training

Iowa residents living in rural areas outside of incorporated cities rely on their local township government to provide a broad range of services, from vital functions such as fire protection to maintenance of public cemeteries and the resolution of fence disputes. Some townships may choose to provide other support such as emergency medical service, township halls, parks, libraries, community centers, and playgrounds. Read more about Township Trustee and Clerk Training

FN401MPI: Iowa City Budgeting System & Capital Planning and Budgeting

A capital improvement plan (CIP) is a long-range plan for the acquisition and development of capital projects. The CIP is basically the link between the community's physical development and its comprehensive and fiscal plans. This session will focus on the benefits of a CIP, the legal aspects, content of a CIP report, the preparation process, a suggested timetable and funding sources. Examples of capital improvement plans will be available for review and comment. Read more about FN401MPI: Iowa City Budgeting System & Capital Planning and Budgeting


Municipal Leadership Academy

The Municipal Leadership Academy provides municipal officials with a curriculum to assist them in effectively meeting the requirements of their office. The program offers a comprehensive overview of Iowa municipal government and is presented by the
Municipal Leadership AcademyIow​a League of Cities, the Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Iowa and the Office of State and Local Government Programs at Iowa State University Extension. Read more about Municipal Leadership Academy

Advanced Accounting and CAFR Training

This class will instruct participants on understanding and applying year-end cash to accrual accounting conversion for cities and utilities. Particular emphasis will be placed on the reconciliation adjustments to the government-wide statements and maintenance of government-wide funds. Participants will also learn how to prepare a comprehensive annual financial report after the year-end accrual conversions are complete. Read more about Advanced Accounting and CAFR Training

On-The-Road: Budgeting, Examinations & Accounting for Municipalities

Many cities find it difficult to accurately complete required financial documents and complete proper procedures for the Annual Financial Report, the budget and the 2013 Oversight law in part because they rely on part time clerks/treasurers who are not able to attend training sessions due to time and travel cost. The Iowa Municipal Professionals Institute at ISU Extension and Outreach, is now offering a new six hours of practical hands-on training on administration and accounting in 6 locations which will minimize travel time and expense for any participant. Read more about On-The-Road: Budgeting, Examinations & Accounting for Municipalities

BA101MPI: Elements of a Financial System

Is it a puzzle or a maze? No, it's not chemistry class, but the elements do have individual components that blend together to make something else. The financial system is made of many pieces. How they all fit together is critical to the understanding of your role as a city clerk. This session will be the basis of future sessions, introducing the many facets of the financial system and their interdependence.  Read more about BA101MPI: Elements of a Financial System