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Developing Dynamic Leaders

ISU Extension and Outreach Community and Economic Development has an educational program, Developing Dynamic Leaders, that focuses on maximizing the strengths and skills of each individual. This two-part leadership program is highly interactive and guaranteed to bring out the creativity within you. The sessions will make you more valuable in your job, in volunteer groups, and in your community. The need for effective leadership in business, community organizations, and government is greater than ever before. You owe it to yourself to ratchet your leadership skills up a notch or two.

BA120MPI-2: Fundamentals of Public Speaking

This session will focus on techniques for making city clerks better verbal communicators. It will provide clerks with some background on ways to assist in getting a message across through verbal communication. The session will also provide clerks with an opportunity to test these skills by presenting a short talk, which will be critiqued to help clerks improve their skills. This session will be done on an individual basis with the instructor. The instructor will review your video with you and provide suggestions on how to improve your speaking techniques. (Note: the last part of this will be a one-on-one evaluation done concurrently with FX250MPI). 


Marketing Hometown American program uses civility to attract new businesses and population to small communities

Businesses close. People move away. It happens everywhere. In rural places these losses seem more devastating, are more lamented, and can feel like a harbinger of future doom. 

Facing these losses, small communities throughout the upper Midwest are trying a happier approach to retaining their quality of life and marketing the value of rural places. Iowa State University Extension and Outreach’s Community and Economic Development (CED) unit is now able to offer the Marketing Hometown America program that has been successfully used by Cooperative Extension programs in Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota to help communities home in on what people are looking for when they choose a place to live and do business.


Community Design Lab

The Iowa State University Community Design Lab (CDL) partners with Iowa communities to create healthy places through innovative strategies ad tactics. A primary goal of CDL is to inform and engage community members in thoughtful and meaningful ways that encourage greater public participation in the design process and increased support and ownership of the project moving forward. This level of engagement extends into the investigative process, which involves active listening, as well as on-the-ground and explorative research to develop a rich inventory and analysis centered on user experience of the built environment. This analysis aids in the visualization of community goals and concerns to establish design frameworks, strategies, and master plans.