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Christopher J. Seeger

Professor Christopher J. Seeger, PLA, GISP, is an Extension specialist in landscape architecture and geospatial technology. He is also the director of the Extension and Outreach Indicators Program.

Shelley Oltmans

Shelley Oltmans is a field specialist with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach CED, in this position she serves as the executive director of the Keokuk Area Chamber of Commerce.

Bailey Hanson

Bailey Hanson is a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialist for the Community and Economic Development unit of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

Jane Nolan Goeken

Community development specialist Jane Nolan Goeken works with cities, counties and nonprofit organizations to make Iowa communities even better places to live and work.

Brian Perry

Brian Perry is a program specialist for the Community and Economic Development unit of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. He finished his graduate degree at Tulane University in 1983 and joined Iowa State in 2013.

Victor Oyervides

Victor Oyervides is a Retail Business Specialist for Community and Economic Development and Value Added Ag units within Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. He joined Extension and Outreach in 2014, but has had a work relationship with Extension since 2006.

Kameron Middlebrooks

Kameron Middlebrooks is the Minority Business Coordinator, working with African and African Americans to start or grow their businesses. As a former business owner, he enjoys seeing individuals grow their business and create assets within their communities.

Lisa Bates

Lisa Bates utilizes design to develop and deliver successful educational programs, like the Iowa Retail Initiative. As an interior designer, she enjoys collaborating with diverse partners to address environments from retail stores to housing.

Jon Wolseth

Jon Wolseth helps strengthen immigrant small businesses and improve community integration and quality of life through civic engagement with diverse constituencies. He uses his training as a cultural anthropologist to better understand community dynamics.

Courtney Long

Courtney Long is a program coordinator working in Community Food Systems and also working on her PhD in Sustainable Agriculture in the Community and Regional Planning program at Iowa State. She lives in central Iowa but gets to work across the state on programming.