Rural Housing Readiness Assessment

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The Rural Housing Readiness Assessment (RHRA) is a tool that helps communities self-assess their housing needs and guides them in the decision-making process when addressing those needs. It guides communities in considering options that ensure existing and potential residents are able to find safe, secure, and quality housing that meets their needs and fits within their budgets. The RHRA helps communities know what kinds of housing-related information they should gather and review to make informed decisions. The assessment checklists aid in the creation of local housing policy that is appropriate for the needs and desires of a community.

The Rural Housing Readiness Assessment is available for free download here.


Use these fact sheets to address housing needs in your community.

RHRA  Fact Sheets:



Delivery Method and Fee

Communities can also contract with us for a program and technical assistance with the assessment tool that is specific to their community.  The fee is $5,000.  Currently the Center for Rural Revitalization, housed within the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA), is offering the Rural Housing Assessment Grants program which will cover the entire cost of the program and technical assistance if the community dedicates funds to implementing the recommendations from the assessment.  For more information visit the Center for Rural Revitalization’s Rural Housing Assessment Grants website (

Target Audience

Rural communities interested in assessing their current housing situation to ensure that residents have access to safe, affordable, and quality housing.

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Contact Information

Omar PadillaFor information about the Rural Housing Readiness Assessment:

Omar Padilla


For information about IEDA’s Rural Housing Assessment Grants:

Liesl Seabert (Iowa Economic Development Authority), 515-348-6154,