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Reports and Publications Archive

Anticipating Economic Impacts of the 2012 Drought in Iowa

Economic Value of Outdoor Recreation Activities in Iowa


Art and Design Resources from CED 

Community Mural Toolkit

Yarn Bomb! A Toolkit for Community Fiber Projects

POW: A Plan of Work Template for Creative Community Projects

Local Economies   local government and housing

Iowa Community Indicators Program (ICIP)               

Resources for retailers

Resources for Iowa Retail Initiative             

Resources for Iowa Retail Champions


Office of State and Local Government Programs  

Township Trustee and Clerk Reference Manual 

Responsibilities of Land Use Decision-Makers  

Flooding in Iowa

Planning, Land Use, and Zoning Factsheets

Rural Housing Readiness Assessment

Rural Housing Fact Sheets

The Midwest Planning BLUZ blog

Housing Needs Assessment after a Disaster

Civic Engagement and Leadership Data and Technology

Parliamentary Procedure Guide

Shared Leadership 

Thinking Anew about Community Leadership

Annual Fiscal Conditions Reports for Iowa   

Data for Decision Makers  







GIS Tutorials 

ISU Extension and Outreach Indicators Program Data Portal 

Data for Decision Makers 

  • City profiles
  • County profiles
  • County Health profiles
  • County Housing profiles
  • County 4-H profile
  • Iowa Senate Legislative District profile
  • Iowa House Legislative Districts profile

Iowa Government Finance Initiative 

Other Data and Community Indicator Trends  

Iowa Community Indicators Program