BA120MPI-1: Introduction to Public Speaking

Course Description:

Effective public speaking is comprised of three key ingredients: knowing your goal, organizing for memory and impact, and delivering your message effectively and persuasively.  We will review strategy and tactics that you can use to reduce your prep time, increase your confidence and impact, and control your nerves. You will be prepared to make your presentation on the following day with ease and enjoyment.  This session will focus on techniques for making city clerks better verbal communicators. It will provide clerks with some background on ways to assist in getting a message across through verbal communication.  The session will also provide clerks with an opportunity to test these skills by presenting a short talk, which will be critiqued to help clerks improve their skills.  This session will be done on an individual basis with the instructor.  The instructor will review your video with you and provide suggestions on how to improve your speaking techniques.
(Note:  There is no advance preparation necessary for this course)


Denise Vrchota, Assitant Professor in the English Department at  Iowa State University