Iowa State County Treasurers Association (ISCTA) Certified Treasurer Program

ISCTA Treasurers


To provide professional development for elected county treasurers


"I (state name) do solemnly swear to maintain and uphold the level of professional standards and guidelines of the County Treasurer's Certified Program; to obey the ethics and uphold the ideas and mission of the Iowa State County Treasurers Association; and to faithfully perform the duties of the office of Treasurer to the best of my ability, so help me God."


  • The “Certified Treasurer” status shall be limited to a duly elected or appointed county treasurer of the state of Iowa and a member in good standing of ISCTA. 
  • The treasurer must have held office of county treasurer a minimum of 36 months prior to becoming eligible for receipts of the Iowa Certified Treasurer status.
  • The county treasurer must also have earned 30 credit hours of which 18 credit hours must be awarded through the Core Courses as offered by the program.

Iowa Certified Treasurer Courses:

Core Courses: (3 credit hours each)

  • Human Resource and associated functions
  • Iowa Code / Resources, Administrative Rules and Case law
  • Investments / Cash Management
  • Budget – Local Government /Treasury Management
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication Skills

Electives: (credit hours determined by topic and time allotment)

  • Dynamics of local government
  • Citizen relations
  • Technology applications
  • Records management
  • Tax sale
  • Ethics
  • Office management
  • Legislation

Any employee of the county treasurer’s office may attend and earn credit hours.  Permission of the county treasurer of the county in which the individual is employed is a required prior to attending.  However, the employee is not eligible to receive the “Certified Treasurer” status.
Courses eligible for credit will be offered at the following meetings:

  • ISAC March and November meetings
  • ISCTA May Conference
  • Leadership Retreat (Oct)

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