Office of State and Local Government Programs

Iowa State University Extension State and Local Government Programs reach public officials in all 99 Iowa counties and in a majority of the state's 944 incorporated cities every year. The Office of State and Local Government works with various state, county and municipal organizations and their affiliates to deliver educational programming to enhance government service delivery through the professional development of elected officials and appointed staff.

Other special programs include training for township trustees and township clerks and mayor/council orientation sessions after each election. Orientation and facilitation sessions can also be conducted for members of the Iowa Association of School Boards and various affiliates of the Iowa State Association of Counties.

Below is a list of classes and workshops offered through the Office of State and Local Government Programs.  If you have questions about any of these programs or want to know more about what that the Office of State and Local Government Programs can do for you please call us at 515-294-8397.

An updated City Clerks/Finance Officers Handbook is available now through the Iowa League of Cities at: