Volume 1

Volga City

Volume 1, Issue 1Volume 1, Issue 1, Spring 2007

  • Program Builder Offers Help for Community Development
  • New Book Shows Communities How to Achieve Results that Matter
  • GIS Short Courses Assist Planners
  • Local Housing Trust Funds help Rehabilitate Homes
  • eCommerce Workshops Offer Main Street Business Support
  • Community Visioning Program Earns National Recognition
  • Research Program Supports Economic Development in Distressed Regions
  • Southwest Iowa Businesses Benefit from Rural Development Resource Center
  • Sandra Scholl Leads Silos and Smokestacks
  • Researchers Address Impact of Ethanol Plants
  • Precinct Election Officials Receive Training and Certification
  • Extension Takes Charge of Community Reports

Volume 1, Issue 2Volume 1, Issue 2, Summer 2007

  • Extension Conference on Community Sustainability in the Bioeconomy draws large audience
  • Spanish Language DVD Series Teaches Immigrants Daily Survival Skills
  • Land Use Planning Notebook Updated
  • Landscape Architecture Project Focuses on Community Trail Use and Physical Activity
  • Immigrants Fuel Market Demand for Goat Meat in Iowa
  • Citizenship Classes held New Iowans Become New Americans
  • Town/Craft Center in Perry Provides Key to Sustainable Future for Iowa Towns and Landscapes
  • Design Studio in Sioux City Provides New Outreach Opportunities for ISU
  • West Liberty Economic Development Partnership Provides Model for Other Iowa Communities
  • Planning Academy Attended by 113 Iowa Officials
  • Extension Staff Certified in Many Community Development Fields
  • Community Vitality Center Celebrates Five Years of Entrepreneurship
  • Sociologist Art Johnson Leaves a Legacy of Strong Communities

Volume 1, Issue 3Volume 1, Issue 3, Fall 2007

  • SEAT program works to keep elections in Iowa open, honest, and fair
  • Community Vitality Center research targets people moving to and from rural Iowa
  • Therapeutic gardens yield better physical, mental and emotional health
  • Small Iowa communities are invited to apply to the 2008 Community Visioning Program
  • Southeast Iowa travel program attracts visitors nationwide




Volume 1, Issue 4Volume 1, Issue 4, Winter 2007

  • Extension assists in construction of two ethanol plants in Southwest Iowa.
  • Geographic Information Systems short courses and Planning and Zoning Workshops offer training for local officials.
  • Greene County explores ways to participate in the bioeconomy.
  • Training for precinct election officials prepares the way for voting in 2008.
  • Road Scholars program helps state, county and municipal road workers improve their skills.
  • Fairground beautification project receives a boost from ISU Extension landscape architects.
  • Woodbury County Extension Education Director creates networks for economic development.
  • ReCAP offers focused data analysis for Iowa Communities.
  • Margherita Tarr: A woman ahead of her time who left an impact on the Iowa landscape.