Latino Business and Community Development

The ISU Extension and Outreach Community and Economic Development (CED) program has been proactively engaging Iowa’s growing Latino population since 2007 and has earned national recognition for its work with Iowa’s Latinos. Through partnerships with local governments, economic development groups, and a peer university, ISU Extension CED employs five community development specialists who are fluent in Spanish and have expertise in Latino community and economic development.

Outreach to Latino populations includes community empowerment, leadership development, and energy-efficiency programs for Latino-owned businesses. ISU Extension CED fosters collaborations between design studios and Latino businesses throughout the state to provide assistance with branding and marketing and provides support to student-driven outreach projects in a variety of disciplines that involve Latino populations. ISU Extension CED specialists partner with local organizations to provide Juntos for a Better Education, a program to assist Latino families in planning for their children to pursue higher education. Finally, CED specialists provide diversity training to local employers and community leaders.