Jennifer Drinkwater

What do you do for ISU Community and Economic Development Extension and Outreach?

Great question! In a nutshell, I work with Iowa communities to use art as a vehicle for community and economic development. This looks like everything from assisting in developing community mural or community art programming to consulting with diverse community groups on how to get started using art where they live to delivering presentations on the power of community art.

What is the best part of your job?

Hands down, meeting new people and visiting communities across the state. Creativity abounds in every Iowa town! I should make a t-shirt that says that.

Name one fun thing about yourself that not many people know.

I completed a 700-mile section hike of the Appalachian Trail right out of college. I am a really good popcorn-maker.

What do you do in your spare time?

Paint, cross-stitch, garden, hike, and hang with my husband and our dog, Muddy.

What is one thing you would like to accomplish in this position?

Help folks understand that you don’t have to be an artist to be a creative. Creativity is simply being open to new possibilities, thinking outside the box, and not taking oneself so seriously.

How do you create a #StrongIowa?

Be open to new creative possibilities in our communities.

What have you been up to lately (in your job)?

I write a weekly blog on all things art + community, and I’m just wrapping up a new, free toolkit on how to create a community yarn bomb.