ISU Extension and Outreach CED offers virtual goal-setting workshops

July 2, 2020

Activity board for strategic planning and goal settingGoal setting is the latest Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Community and Economic Development programming effort to go virtual. The first workshop is titled COVID-19 Transition and Recovery and is being conducted in two sessions. The first session took place on Tuesday, June 30, and the second will be held on Tuesday, July 7.

Sponsored by the Palo Alto County Extension Office, this collaborative and interactive virtual workshop will focus on local economic development and the impacts of COVID-19 transition and recovery. The workshop is offered countywide for local and county government leaders, economic development organizations, and business and nonprofit partners. Participants will be provided a framework to consider past accomplishments, current issues and trends, ongoing commitments, and new or emerging priorities and initiatives.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, goals may well need to focus on the immediate recovery of the local economic environment and related services delivery. This goal-setting workshop will provide a road map for considering the impacts of the pandemic while keeping longer term strategic goals in mind.

The facilitation team is comprised of CED specialists bringing expertise in strategic planning, local government, community and economic development, business development, nonprofit organizations, African-American small business and nonprofit development, local retail, community design, downtown corridor revitalization and COVID-19 response and small business re-opening.

Organizations and communities in Palo Alto County interested in scheduling a free virtual goal-setting workshops can contact Julie Robison at 515-231-8457 or At this time, two, two-session workshops are available and funded by the Palo Alto County Extension Office.