Goal Setting, Strategic Planning, Facilitation

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Goal setting and strategic planning help local governments and nonprofits address critical issues, identify priorities, and develop action plans to accomplish those priorities. An effective board or council is one that works together towards common goals. Taking time annually as a group to prioritize and plan to move forward is vital for any government or nonprofit group.

  • Contact Omar Padilla for local governmental organizations in goal setting or strategic planning. 
  • Contact Julie Robison Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development Corporations, nonprofits, or community groups in goal setting, strategic planning, town hall meetings, and other facilitated community engagement processes.
  • Contact Mary Weinand for community engagement and equity.

Target Audience

City/county boards, councils, and commissions; other inter-governmental organizations; agencies and nonprofits

Delivery Method

Goal setting is normally accomplished annually through one or two sessions; these sessions typically last from three to five hours. 

Strategic planning often consists of two or more sessions.


Fees vary according to the scope and complexity of the work.  Contact one of the specialists above for details about fees.