Task Sheet Data

This is where you will find the data used in the Quick Task Sheets. Click on the linked publication number, matching the task sheet you are following, to download a zipped folder containing the files. Once the folder is downloaded you will need to extract the files in the folder before you will be able to open, view or edit them in an ArcGIS program.

PM2082-16q: QGIS: Downloading and Preparing U.S. Census Bureau Data
PM2082-16o: Downloading and Preparing U.S. Census Bureau Data for Mapping
PM2082-16m: Getting Started with ArcGIS ModelBuilder - Part 1
PM2082-16l: Getting Started with ArcGIS Pro (2D) - Part 2
PM2082-16k: Field Calculations: Creating Random Values
PM2082-16j: Field Calculations: Changing Text Case
PM2082-16i: Getting Started with ArcGIS Pro (2D) - Part 1
PM2082-16g: Simplifying and Editing Vector Data with mapshaper.org
PM2082-16b: Importing Data into Google Web Maps
PM2082-15x:Data Interoperability Extension: Import and Export GeoJSON
PM2082-15w: Online Mapping with CartoDB
PM2082-15u Geometry Calculations: Area and Length
PM2082-15t: The Generate Near Table Tool
PM2082-15l: Creating Picture Symbols and Styles
PM2082-15g: Shapefile to GeoJSON: Conversion and Visualization
PM2082-15c: Google Earth Pro: Batch Geocoding
PM2082-15a: Georeferencing a Raster Dataset
PM2082-14n: Find Identical and Delete Identical

PM2082-14m: Geometry Calculations: Coordinates
PM2082-09i: Getting Started with ArcGIS Explorer: Adding Feature Tips and Hyperlnks
PM2082-09j: Customizing ArcGIS Settings for Improved Productivity: Adding Hyperlinks
PM2082-09m: ArcMap Layer Properties: HTML Popups
PM2082-09x: Getting Started with ArcMap: Relating Attributes from Tables
PM2082-14l: Geocoding with ArcGIS for Desktop: Esri Data & Maps Locator
PM2082-14k: Geocoding with ArcGIS for Desktop: ArcGIS Online Locator
PM2082-14j: QGIS: Projections and Enabling on the Fly Projection
PM2082-14i: XY Data to Points
PM2082-14b: Introduction to Esri Maps for Office
PM2082-14a: The Polygon Neighbors Tool
PM2082-13c: Exporting Maps at Consistent Scale, Location and Dimension
PM2082-13b: Building Map Books with Data Driven Pages