FYE 2015 county fiscal conditions reports now available

December 11, 2016

Iowa Government Finance InitiativeExtension CED’s Iowa Government Finance Initiative (IGFI) released the Fiscal Year Ending (FYE) 2015 Annual Fiscal Conditions reports for Iowa’s 99 counties. In addition to updated county revenue and expenditure data, the reports also include select county-level socioeconomic data released by the US Census earlier this year.

The IGFI reports are a valuable planning tool for Iowa cities, particularly small, rural communities, providing them with a snapshot of their fiscal condition using a set of economic, demographic, revenue, and expenditure indicators. The standardized reports make it easier for cities to assess their own financial performance and compare themselves with peer cities. The FYE 2014 and 2015 county reports are available for download at the IGFI website at http://igfi.extension.iastate.edu/countyReports.

For additional information regarding these reports, contact Biswa Das at bdas@iastate.edu, or Cindy Kendall at ckendall@iastate.edu.