Arts Engagement

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Jennifer Drinkwater

As the Community Arts Specialist, Jennifer Drinkwater works with communities to use art as a vehicle for community and economic development.

According to the Iowa Small Towns Project, local civic engagement ranks as one of the highest indicators of quality of life in rural Iowa communities. When residents get involved on a local level, their sense of belonging and empowerment increase.  Residents feel more empowered to create real change where they live, which benefits the entire community. Community art projects create fantastic opportunities for strengthening these positive community ties.

Jennifer Drinkwater

Download Jennifer's free arts engagement toolkits!

Target Audience

Rural or urban, each Iowa community in Iowa is comprised of unique stories and voices. As the saying goes, “if you’ve been to one Iowa community, you’ve been to one Iowa community.” 

Delivery Method

Jennifer values the local expertise of community members, and she works collaboratively with Iowa communities to co-create outcomes and creative possibilities in their towns such as: 

  • assistance in community mural projects
  • strategic planning for community arts programming
  • presentations on the value of community art
  • presentations on how to get started with community art

She has also created free, downloadable community art toolkits to assist you in designing and implementing your own creative community projects. She also writes a weekly blog on all things art and community.


Fees vary according to the scope and complexity of the work.  Contact Jennifer Drinkwater for details about fees.