Clinton County Clover Kids at the Fair

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We encourage Clover Kids to participate in the Clinton County Club Show. It's one event where 4-Hers and Clover Kids can come together and share what they've learned. Clover Kids classes are non-competitive and exhibitors will receive a ribbon.

To enter projects and livestock by July 1, please click on Fair Entry

FAQ Livestock

Question 1: What animals are Clover Kids members eligible to exhibit at the Club Show?
Answer: Clover Kids may exhibit sheep, goats, poultry, bucket bottle calves, and rabbits in showmanship during the fair. Clover Kids may show dogs in showmanship and agility.
Question 2: How do I enter my animals in the Club Show?
Answer: Complete your entries on the online Fair Entry program by July 1, 2019 for each species that you plan to exhibit.  Clover Kids will identify (I.D.) their animals when they enter.  Be sure to look at the identification requirements in the Club Show Livestock Edition.
Question 3: When do I bring my animal(s) to the fairgrounds?
Answer: Sheep, goat, poultry, and rabbit must be at Check-In on Wednesday, July 17th. See Club Show Schedule for check-in times.  Bucketbottle calves may be brought during check-in on Wednesday or may come to on the day of show, Sunday, July 21. Pets and dogs may only come on the day of the show and must go home afterwards. 

FAQ Static (Non Livestock) Exhibits

Question 1:  What non livestock areas can Clover Kids exhibit in during the Club Show?
Answer: Clover Kids members may enter non livestock (static) exhibits in the Club Show by participating in Conference Judging Day on Friday, July 12, 2019 at the Clinton County Fairgrounds Auditorium.  Clover Kids members participating in Conference Juding Day should enter their projects in an appropriate class listed in the Club Show Static (Non Livestock) Edition.  Clover Kids have the option to attend Conference Judging Day to interview with a judge OR they may decide to bring their projects for display at their club’s booth only.  Clover Kids should still attach an entry tag (or a note with their name and club on it) to their project for recognition.  
Question 2: Can you tell me more about participating in Conference Judging Day?

  1. Come to the fairgrounds auditorium on July 6 during your club’s scheduled time (see below) and use the south entrance, so that you do not disturb judging interviews occurring in the north room. 
  2. Bring your exhibits with exhibit entry tag or a note with your name and club attached.
  3. Make sure you have your write- up (goal sheet and other forms) completed.  Refer to your exhibit’s department and class description in the fair book to make sure that you have what you need.
  4. Be sure to dress according to the Static (Non Livestock) General Guidelines, including white shirt with 4-H emblem, and pants, jeans, or slacks and closed toe shoes.
  5. First go to the check-in table in the south room to sign up to meet with a judge.
  6. You will be seated until your name is called and you will be escorted to the judge’s table by a volunteer.
  7. The judge will give you a ribbon, write the ribbon color on your Conference Judging Day Entry Form, and a volunteer with take your exhibit to your club’s booth for display. You will hold on the your Conference Judging Day Entry Form and take it with you to each judge until all exhibits have been evaluated, then, you will submit the form at the check-out table so that the results can be recorded for premiums and recognition in the newspaper.  Clover Kids do not receive premiums, but will receive a ribbon for participation. 
  8. After all of your exhibits have been judged, go to the check-out table to turn in your Conference Judging Entry Form.  You may also purchase a discounted fair admission wristband from the Fair Secretary for $5.00 at the check-out table. 
  9. Remember to have fun and smile!


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