STEM Lit to Go – Reboot Day Camp

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach - Clayton County held a School Day Out Camp in Edgewood on September 28.  The Camp was held at the Edgewood Community Center. Six local students participated in the face to face camp while maintaining social distance and following hand sanitization procedures. Youth learned about their heart and made stethoscopes to hear their own heartbeat. Youth learned about the invention of the Frisbee and tried throwing different items to see if they could throw them like a Frisbee. They explored light and how light bounces or reflects off mirrors. They watched how a Twix candy bar is made; then youth acted out the different steps of making the candy bar. Youth also created bracelets with changing colored beads to show them how strong the UV rays are for the day. We also talked about terrific trees and the wonderful wind.  It was a day full of learning and fun hands on activities. Stay alert for the Winter School Day Out Camp to be offered later this school year. 

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