Clayton County Extension to Offer Summer Day Camps for K-3rd Grade Youth

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Day camps offer the chance for hands-on experiments, activities, games, adventures, and most of all - FUN! This year Clayton County Extension and Outreach is offering a variety of day camps for youth completing grades K – 3.All camps are 9 am-3 pm Camps will be offered in Edgewood, Elkader, Guttenberg, Marquette, Monona, and Strawberry Point.  Early bird registration deadline is June 1 and registration closes when the camp is full or one week prior to camp.  Register online with the following link:  All materials are provided - just bring a sack lunch and water bottle. Camps are $15 per camp or $20 per camp when registering after June 1.  You do not have to be a 4-H member to participate, so invite a friend and join the fun!
K-3rd grade camps for 2019 include:
Outdoor Art- Take a walk and discover what Nature offers you to create a masterpiece.  You will create a variety of different kinds of Art Works by using items you find in nature. You are the creator. Camps are June 10 in Elkader, June 11 in Guttenberg and June 12 in Monona.
Fizz, Bubble, and Goo - Come and explore the wonders of science by creating amazing chemistry experiments with everyday materials to watch them fizz, bubble and goo. Camps will be June 12 in Edgewood, June 13 in Guttenberg and June 14 in Elkader.
Gizmos and Gadgets- Become an engineer while creating gizmos that spin, fly, and zoom. Gadgets that whirl, pop, and wobble. Spend the day creating fun toys and games with friends. Camps are June 17 in Monona, June 18 in Strawberry Point and June 19 in Elkader.
Smart Art- Campers will engineer a robot that produces masterpieces, learn how technology is used to make art, and conduct crafty science experiments with an artsy outcome. Camps are offered on June 17 in Elkader, June 19 in Strawberry Point and June 20 in Monona.
Everybody Eats  - Are you hungry? What do you like to eat? What do birds like to eat? Put on your chef’s apron and create healthy food for strong bodies. Camps will be June 24 in Elkader, June 25 in Edgewood, and June 26 in Monona.
Once Upon a Time- Our imagination is loaded with STEM challenges inspired by classic fairy tales such as Three Billy Goats Gruff, Goldilocks, Hansel and Gretel, and more! Embark on an imaginative adventure designing and engineering solutions to problems that occurred, “Once Upon a Time.”  Camps will be June 24 in Edgewood, June 26 in Guttenberg and June 27 in Elkader.
Survival Day  - Join us on June 11 at Osborne Nature Center to learn how to survive alone at home or out in the timber. Learn the do’s and don’ts in order to survive outdoors. Learn to stay calm and think of what you need to do to survive.
Crawlers, Fliers, and Jumpers- The Driftless Area Wetlands Center in Marquette is the place to be on June 18. Campers will get a hands-on experience in a wetland habitat and learn about wetland’s diversity and bugs!   Youth will play games, compete in a STEM jumping challenge, create while learning about insects and why they are so important.
“Bee” a Bug Watcher- Do you want to catch bugs? Campers will explore the Driftless Area Wetland Center on June 25 and discover the interesting insects and creatures around where they live and what they do for humans.  Discover how and why bees are good for you while sampling local honey.
County Fair Adventure–It is an amazing fair!  Here you will test your knowledge, learn     interesting facts, try new things, and do different challenges as you explore the fair!  This day camp will be held on July 31 at the Clayton County Fairgrounds in National.

K-3rd Day Camp Flyer
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