Clay County 4-H/FFA Exclusive Information


Welcome to the Clay County 4-H/FFA Exclusive Information Page!

Open class exhibitors, visit the Clay County Fair website!

All 4-H/FFA Exhibitors

2020 Camping Request Form 

Livestock Exhibitors

Fair Entry Link   

(click the above link to register for 4-H/FFA Clay County Fair Events)

Fair Entry Help Sheet

Iowa 4-H Livestock Page

4-H Staff Only--YQCA/FSQA Verification Page (1 required per county)
Clay County 4-Hers Only--4-H Feeder Lamb Pen Packet
Clay County 4-Hers Only--4-H Scramble Calf Partnership Agreement
Livestock Exhibitor Checklists and Disclosure Forms (necessary info please download)
  • Beef Exhibitor Checklist
  • Dog Exhibitor Checklist
  • Horse Exhibitor Checklist
  • Meat Goat Exhibitor Checklist
  • Poultry Exhibitor Checklist
  • Rabbit Exhibitor Checklist
  • Sheep Exhibitor Checklist
  • Swine Exhibitor Checklist
  • FFA Swine Exhibitor Checklist

Beef, Swine, Sheep and Goat Disclosure Forms (REQUIRED at check-in)

Buyer Letter Best Practices Guide (for all youth going through an auction)

Dealing with Animal Care Questions

Human Sciences, Communications, Clothing Exhibitors

Fair Entry link

(Click the above link to register for 4-H Achievement Fair in July)

Fair Entry Help Sheet

2020 Iowa State Fair Book Updates and Changes


Achievement Fair (Clay County 4-Hers Only)

Foods for Iowa 4-H Fairs

County Exhibitors at the Clay County Fair

Clay County 4-H Members Only-Posies in a Pail- Display Form and Information
Clay County 4-H Members Only-Cupcake Wars Information
District Exhibitors at the Clay County Fair
District Communication/Clothing Information
District Fashion Show Session I and Session 2 Schedules
District Working Exhibits, Educational Presentations, Share the Fun, & Pride of Iowa Schedules
For 4-H Staff Only-District Communication & Clothing letter

At the Iowa State Fair

Clay County Post-Fair Results & Information

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