OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts Workshop at Spencer Hospital

OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts Flyer

Jokes around the watercooler. Discussions about the new neighbors. Comments about different professions. “Each day, we are faced with stereotypes and biased statements”, said Cindy Thompson, human sciences specialist for Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. “Often we stay silent because we worry about hurting someone’s feelings, are unsure of the potential consequences of speaking up, or simply don’t know how to respond”.
Many studies have shown that people perform poorly in situations when they feel they are being stereotyped. A 2010 study by the University of Toronto also shows that stereotypes have a lasting negative effect on their victims, including increase aggression and trouble making rational decisions.
An OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts workshop will be held on Monday, February 4th from 4:00-5:30pm. This free event is hosted by Spencer Hospital in partnership with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Clay County. OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts, helps participants understand the impact of stereotypes and biased statements, identify the most common reasons people sit silently in the face of bias and stereotypes, and enhance skills for speaking up against stereotypes. During the workshop, you will learn six specific techniques to use when responding to difficult situations. A past participant shared, “We can say things in fun that can really hurt others; Just asking questions can end an uncomfortable situation.”
For more information or to register for the OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts Workshop, contact the Clay County Extension and Outreach office at 712-262-2264 or sdirks@iastate.edu .

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