Bucket of Junk Challenge

Welding Class Photo

1. Open to all Clay County 4-Hers.
2. There will be no entry fee.
3. There will be a limit of 1 bucket per 4-Her.
4. The options for youth to participate in the Bucket of Junk Challenge are to register for the Metal Fabrication SpIn event (held every other year) or to work independently and to have an adult mentor teach and give advice for the challenge.
5. Registration for the Bucket of Junk - Metal Fabrication SpIn event (every other year) may be found in the SpIn Book. Please call the extension office to register if working independently and not participating in the SpIn event.
6. Participants of the Metal Fabrication SpIn event will pick up their bucket at the event. Participants working independently and not entering the SpIn event will be notified of the Bucket of Junk pick up date and location via the Clover Notes.
7. Each participant will receive steel pieces that are similar.
8. 75% of the items in the Bucket of Junk must be used to make the sculpture. Extra pieces may be added in order to create the sculpture of your vision.
9. All items of the junk may be cleaned, sanded, welded, cut, bolted, fastened, bent, shaped, painted or finished in any manner the sculptor desires.
10. The sculpture may be welded by a parent. But, if the parent welds the sculpture, the exhibit may only be judged in the Creative Art project area (Visual Art - Class 630).
11. If the 4-Her welds the sculpture, the exhibit may be judged as Mechanics (Welding - Class 920) or as Creative Art (Visual Art - Class 630).
12. Please remember to fill out a goal sheet for this exhibit.
13. The Bucket of Junk Challenge exhibits will also be judged by Demco Manufacturing employees for 1) originality 2) craftsmanship and 3) general overview of the metal work. This judging will include additional premiums of $30 for 1st Place, $20 for the 2nd Place and $10 for 3rd place as well as plasma cut plaques. All the additional awards are provided by Demco Manufacturing.

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