2020 Clay County Achievement Fair Update

With the COVID-19 situation ongoing, this what is being planned for 2020 Clay County Achievement Fair.   It may look different but Clay County 4-H wants to make sure all 4-Hers have an opportunity for the learning involved in working on project area exhibits and to also have them judged.  
Achievement Fair will be held by using the Iowa State Fair model.  This will mean that 4-H families will bring their exhibits to the 4-H Building on the Clay County Fairgrounds from 8am – 6pm, Monday, July 20, and will place the exhibits in areas designated for each project area.  Large items should arrive only by families by using the north door to the 4-H Auditorium and will be placed along the north wall. 

  • All human sciences, communication and clothing exhibits MUST be entered in Fair Entry. The entry program will be open July 2 and will close on July 20. 
  • Video Conferencing sessions for grades 3-5 ONLY will be made availableat registration during the entry process in Fair Entry
  • The Human Sciences exhibits will be judged on July 23-24.  There will be no food tasting for Food & Nutrition exhibits. 
  • Photographyjudging will ONLY be done virtually with photos uploaded and the Photography Exhibit Label completed in Fair Entry.  Video conferencing will also be made available for ONLY grades 3-5 at registration in Fair Entry.
  • Communication eventswill still be held face to face on July 22 following the social distancing guidelines (face masks are encouraged).  Families (up to 6 people) will arrive at separate times at 30 minute intervals for the presentation and judging. The conference judging will also be held in the auditorium area to implement the social distancing rules.  There will be no group Share the Fun.
  • The judging for Clothing will be the same as for Human Sciences although the 4-Her should also supply photos in Fair Entry for the judge to see the outfit being worn.  The entry form, available in Fair Entry, will also include a variety of goal questions for the 4-Her to answer.  There will be no style show. 
  • Human Sciences exhibit pick up will be Monday, July 27, 11am-1pm and4-6pm.

Additional Achievement Fair information can be found in the Achievement Fair Handbook on the website which will continue to be updated as new information comes out.  Please check out the Communications Fair Handbook as it has valuable information in regard to communication and clothing events. 
Notice for Human Sciences exhibits, there is a single Human Sciences Goal Sheet Best Practices  that contains goal best practices for all grade levels.  This one information sheet explains what should be written on a separate sheetand placed in a folder or binder.  Please consider upgrading your write up by expanding your information, reflections and adding additional photos into a binder since the judging discussion may be limited and this will give the judge more information to look over.  An example of a write up with explanations can be found at this link.
Please be sure to label all exhibits with name, club and project area.  For rules and class information please refer to the 2020 Clay County Fair Book.

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