2021 Achievement Fair is July 28

Clay County 4-Hers will participate in the annual 4-H Achievement Fair on July 28 in the 4-H Auditorium/Exhibit Building on the Clay County Fairgrounds. 

The Clay County 4-H Youth Development Program supports youth grades 3-12 through project exploration in a wide variety of interest areas including Woodworking; Clothing and Sewing; Visual Art; Food and Nutrition; Photography; Animal and Veterinary Science, Personal Development; Science, Engineering and Technology and more. For complete information, please check out the Achievement Fair Handbook.

Achievement Fair is a county mini-fair where Clay County 4-Hers have the opportunity to have their Human Sciences project area work judged and are able to speak with the judge about their exhibit and project learning.

The Communications portion of the day supports skills in public speaking, demonstrations, educational presentations, demonstrative cooking, and performance art such as dance and theatre.  More information in regards to the Communication and Clothing events is available in the Communications Fair Handbook.

4-Hers in the Clothing project area will also participate in conference judging where they will discuss their Clothing Event exhibit with a judge. The Clothing Events range from the $15 Challenge where an outfit was found at garage sales, consignment shops or Goodwill for under $15 to the  Clothing Selection event where an outfit is specifically selected and purchased as well as the Fashion Revue event where the 4-Her sews a garment. The Clothing Events portion of the day concludes with a Fashion Show.

Achievement Fair entries are expected with all human sciences, communication and clothing exhibits to be entered in Fair Entry. The entry program will be open the first week in July. Human Sciences exhibits have a Goal Sheet Best Practices information sheet that contains best practices for all grade levels. This one information sheet explains what must be written on a separate sheet and placed in a folder or binder. Since there are no entry cards for human sciences exhibits, please be sure to label your exhibits with name, club and project area. For rules and class information please refer to the Clay County Fair Book.

The 2021 Achievement Fair will conclude with human sciences exhibits, communications presenters and clothing event participants being selected to participate at the Iowa State Fair. District selections are also made with the presenters being rewarded a Clay County Fair audience for their demonstration or presentation skills. All of the human sciences exhibits will be on display in the 4-H Exhibit Building during the Clay County Fair, Sept 11-19. 

4-H empowers youth to reach their full potential working and learning in partnership with caring adults. Clay County 4-H engages youth in the many project areas through a network of over 500 adult volunteers. Club leaders work with the 4-Hers year-round and Project Area volunteers mentor youth in specific project areas. If you’re interested in human sciences exhibits, clothing, communication events or in finding out more about the Clay County 4-H program, please contact joengel@iastate.edu or call 262-2264.

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