Janel Maurer Inducted into the 2020 Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame

Janel Maurer is extremely deserving of this year’s Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame from Clay County. Janel serves on the Clay County 4-H Poultry Committee and was a past 4-H Club Leader for the Lincoln Lions.

Janel has done wonderful things with youth in our community. In one of her nominations it was stated “She has really made an impact on our family, especially with our son. He has difficulties with anxiety, which sometimes causes behavior issues. However, he and Janel have built a beautiful bond with each other….Every step she takes with him, she is teaching each other SOMETHING. Whether she is teaching him about a process, or he is teaching her about a rare species. They are sharing knowledge with each other. He loves to share these experiences, stories, time, and bonds with her. She has become a part of his family.”

Her true impact comes in the personal relationships she forms with youth that continues throughout their lives. There are so many stories of Janel helping a youth with a project, teaching them to can something, helping them butcher a turkey, letting them keep their broiler chickens at her house, lending Larry the turkey for classroom visits, kids stopping at her house in the middle of the night to help with a turtle they caught, chasing roosting chickens out of trees in the middle of the night so they could be shown at the fair, and the stories go on and on. 

Janel does this for no other reason than just the joy of watching children grow and develop. She is the example of a servant volunteer who seeks no recognition for her service, and in all likelihood does not even realize the great impact she has on so many. But that is precisely why she deserves this great honor.

Janel will be recognized at the 4-H/FFA Clay County Exclusive Poultry Show on Saturday, September 12. We are hosting a CARD SHOWER to share with Janel on her special day. We encourage youth or families she has impacted to send in a card in her honor. We will share the cards with her. Please send cards to the below address or email clay4h@iastate.edu

ISU Extension and Outreach
C/O Janel Maurer
110 4th St, Ste 100
Spencer, IA 51301
Congrats to YOU, Janel, on this well-deserved honor!
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