Wreath-Making Workshop

Wreath made with fall colors



Ever thought you’d like to learn how to create your own seasonal wreath from pieces found in our roadside ditches and woodlots?  Regardless if you’ve ever created anything from scratch or are an experienced crafter, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach will have a class on Saturday morning, November 9th, at the Borlaug Learning Center on the NE IA Research Farm west of Nashua.  Class runs from 9:30-11am and is open to the public.  Looking for something to do with your kids?  All materials will be provided, and attendees are welcome to bring their own decorative materials.  You will leave with your very own seasonal wreath to display at home for the holidays, or share with someone who could use some holiday cheer.
Those attending will be shown how to create these wreaths by working with such natural materials ranging from wild grape vines, sumac, pine and spruce boughs, milkweed pods, red osier dogwood branches, and others.  All these grow in our ditches and woodlots, and you’ve driven past them many times.  For free admission, attendees can bring along either canned goods for area food pantries, or donate $15 which will also go towards food for food pantries.
Class instructor will be Ron Lenth, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Director for Bremer County.  To aid in material planning, attendees are requested to notify the Borlaug Center at 641-435-4864.

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