ISU Extension and Outreach offers free water testing to produce growers.

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Produce growers who want to get their water tested can do so for free, thanks to an effort by the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Produce Safety Team.
Some producers are required to have their water tested, depending on the size of operation and the source of water, in order to comply with the federal Food Safety Modernization Act. Others may wish to proactively test their water, in case there are any issues.
Since testing is limited in rural areas, ISU Extension and Outreach is sending test cups to county extension offices and farmers’ markets across the state. Producers should use one cup per water source, and can submit multiple cups if they have multiple water sources.
Producers must follow all collection directions, being sure to mark the time on each sterile cup, and delivering the cup to the drop-off location within three hours.
Members of the On-Farm Produce Safety Team will receive the samples at the drop-off locations and return them to the Iowa State lab in Ames. Testing and results will be completed in about a week’s time.
“This is important for rural growers because water testing is going to be required by the FSMA, and there are very few labs in the state that are performing the required test,” said Dan Fillius, food safety educator with ISU Extension and Outreach.
Fillius said FDA has pushed back the compliance dates to 2022 and beyond, depending on the size and classification of each producer. However, he said testing makes sense now, so growers can be prepared and take appropriate actions to improve their water quality, if necessary.
Growers who use public and municipal water do not need to do this test. Growers do not need to belong to a farmers’ market to drop off samples, and growers from any county are welcome to use the service. The three-hour delivery of collected samples is critical.
The local site will be the Decorah Farmers Market, Wednesday, June 5th and July 17th from 2-3 pm. 
5 Reasons why you should get your water tested through this program:
1.     The test is an approved method of the FSMA Produce Safety Rule.
2.     You can take a sample of all of your water sources (wells, creeks, ponds)
3.     You can bring your water samples to the Decorah Farmers Market – you are going there anyway
4.     Sample cups are available at the farmers market or at the Winneshiek County Extension office, hours M-F, 8-4:30 pm
5.     Testing is FREE!

For more information, visit the ISU Extension and Outreach On-Farm Produce Safety Team website, or call 515-294-6773.
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