Chickasaw County 4-H and FFA Livestock Lending Program
















Chickasaw County 4-H and FFA Livestock Lending Program


  • This class is specific for exhibitors who have entered into an animal sharing agreement with a local producer. These agreements can be requested from the Extension Office and must be returned by May 15.


  • Exhibitors may only enter one animal in each eligible specie in the Livestock Lending program.  These include sheep, goat, swine, rabbit, poultry, bucket bottle calves, and prospect calves.


  • All exhibitors completing grades 4-12 must have current Youth for Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) Certification by June 15.


  • Animals must be identified on 4-H Online by May 15 and entered in Fair Entry by June 15.


  • All breeds and ages of the animal are entered into their respective specie’s Livestock Lending class.


  • Class winner will be chosen by ability to handle their animal, as well as time spent on the producer’s farm working with the animal. An interview session with the judge will be held during the judging. Examples of questions:
  1. What the member has learned about raising and caring for the animal.
  2. The grooming and cleanliness of the animal. 
  3. General health, management and condition of the animal and exhibitor's knowledge of this area.
  4. Confirmation or quality of the animal is NOT to be considered.
  • Exhibitors may also exhibit their animal in their respective showmanship class.

You can find the lending agreement here!  

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