Region 5 Summer Camps & Trips

4-H camp is one of the best experiences 4-H members can have during the summer months. It is a
great way for camp staff to help youth get their developmental needs met in creative ways. Campers
get to meet new friends, reconnect with old friends, and hang with cabin counselors (belonging).
Campers get to learn new things and practice new skills (mastery). By being away from family for a
few days, campers get to make decisions and learn how their decisions affect others
(independence). Camp is a time for everyone to get to help other people and practice good
citizenship (generosity). By providing a safe environment where everyone feels included, great
camp counselors are the backbone of great camps. We hope you will apply for this important role in the
life of young people!  4-H members currently in 9th -12th grades are encouraged to apply for the camp counselor positions.
Camp Counselor Application Form & More Info.
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