Clothing & Communications Day

Clothing & Communications Day 2020
June 14, 2020
United Methodist Church, New Hampton


Chickasaw County 2020 Official Fair Book Rules & Class Entry Descriptions

Entries will need to be entered through FairEntry by Date to be determined in order to participate.  Couple things to be aware of:  Before starting your entries, you will want to decide upon your Communications project as you will be required to enter a description/title to put in our program.  Clothing projects will have the option to upload pictures or the write-up beforehand.
If you are new to FairEntry or just need a refresher, these directions should help walk you through the process!  You should log-in using your 4-H Online log-in information and then all 4-H members associated with that email will be available to submit their entries.  Do NOT create a new individual.  Your club will also need to be selected with each entry you make.  Just make sure once you have entered everything (for all 4-Hers associated with that email), you click the button that says "Continue to Payment" (there is NO COST) and then keep pressing "Continue" until you can press the "SUBMIT" button.  
Once you submit the entry, you should receive an email from FairEntry that says "Thanks for registering" - that tells you we have received the registration.  Please print this email with your entries listed and double check for accuracy.  We will then be able to review the entries and you will recieve a confirmation email when it has been approved.  You may go back into FairEntry and add more entries if needed after you receive the confirmation email that your entries have been approved. If you have any questions, just give us a call at 641-394-2174.

  • If you have a team or club entry, please contact the Extension Office and we can enter that on our end.  We will need the names of each participant associated with that entry. 
  • Please provide the title of your presentation, etc. so we can include it in the program.
  • Please mark any supplies from the list that you will need for your event. (supplies not listed will be the 4-H’ers responsibility).  There will not be Wi-Fi Internet Access available.
  • Be sure to have the appropriate adapters if you plan to use our projector. You may schedule a time to stop in the Extension Office prior to April 4th to do a test run if you would like.

Clothing & Communication Day Letter & Schedule - will be updated after March 19!

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