Temperament: Why Children Can Be So Different


Imagine two children from the same family: One child is loud, outgoing and always on the run, while the other is content to sit and read a book, likes to stick to a schedule and is usually quiet. If these two kids grow up in the same environment, how can they be so different?
Temperament is the genetic, inborn trait that we receive and show from birth – and sometimes, with active babies, in pregnancy. We can tell the intensity of a child from their cries in the nursery. Temperament comes before personality, before environment, before life experiences. Temperament is our genetic ‘set point’ that we will work from for the rest of our lives.
Temperament based on nine traits:
4. Distractibility
5. Intensity
6. Mood
7. Persistence
8. Regularity
9. Sensitivity
The Science of Parenting team, a group of human sciences specialists with ISU Extension and Outreach, is currently producing a podcast all about temperament.   Full details here

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