How to Limit Your Stress Level about the Election


In 2020 adults are stressed about many things, such as the pandemic, the recession and the cost of healthcare. However, another significant source of stress is the current election.
Ways to limit election stress:
Limit your news and social media intake prior to the election. Instead, do other things such as going for a walk and getting outdoors. Spending time with family members and friends also helps, especially if you are doing things that you enjoy.

Maintaining positive relationships may take priority over scoring political points with friends or family members who are unlikely to change their political opinion.
Recognize that stress about what might happen is not productive. A more productive use of time may be to join a ‘get out the vote campaign’ or volunteer to be a poll worker. If an issue is important to you, join a community or advocacy group, such as the National Alliance on Mental Illness.
A good resource to contact is always the Iowa Concern hotline.
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