Halloween Snacking


It is that time of year, you know, the time when families hunt for the perfect Halloween costume, or the best treat to distribute next week!
Because many families have a desire to eat more healthy, they may be making better decisions about the “treats” they provide, as costume clad children knock on the door.
Let me share a few ideas Science of Parenting contributor Rebecca Brotzman, RD, LDN made several years ago, that would certainly be helpful today too!   

  1. Do not make the focus entirely on candy.
  2. Check stores, online, and in newspapers for coupons
  3. Think creatively.  You do not HAVE to give out candy, and alternatives can be cheaper and healthier.  
  4. Compare prices before you buy
  5. Do not be afraid to run out of candy
  6. Have some control over candy consumption

Full article here

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