FACTS Modeling Provides Farmers with Real-Time Look at their Fields


Weekly updates / Making decisions

Beginning April 15, the FACTS assessment will be updated with new data every Wednesday, continuing through harvest. Field-scale data is collected from Iowa State research farms, and regional data is compiled through modeling.
“The FACTS tool gives farmers and others data they cannot measure on their own, said Sotirios Archontoulis, associate professor of agronomy at Iowa State. “
The FACTS project also includes a corn drydown calculator, which offers predictions of corn drydown in the field, using algorithms developed for the northern Corn Belt.
By providing farmers a “real-time” look at their soil-crop system, farmers can make predictions for their own farm about where an adjustment may need to be made.
But the decision of what to do with the information is still up to the farmer.
“We do not provide recommendations; we provide key data sets for farmers to make their own decisions,” Archontoulis said. 
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