Cattle Feeders Should Stay Flexible, Seek Advice amid COVID-19


 Volatility in the cattle market was one of the first disruptions, and now with ethanol plants slowing production or shutting down, local availability of corn co-products may be limited.
Dan Loy, director of the Iowa Beef Center and extension beef specialist at Iowa State University,said “This situation is very local, continuously changing, and will vary from producer to producer and community to community,” Loy said. "Supply disruptions could potentially affect other inputs such as feed additives, implants and trace nutrients. Hopefully these disruptions will be short-lived."
Three tips to help cattle feeders

  • In feedlot diets, soybean meal or urea based supplements (dry or liquid) can replace all of the protein from corn co-products
  • When substituting a higher protein supplement for distillers grains, you will likely be substituting corn for distillers as a source of energy, adding more starch to the diet.
  • Lean on your nutritionist and other advisers. 

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