Carcass Disposal for Pork Producers

Pork Building

Over the last couple weeks, several pork processing plants have either been shut down or have reduced processing due to the COVID-19 outbreak. While the processing plants are focusing on getting themselves running again, pork producers are faced with near-term critical problems needing attention now. 
A webinar for the pork industry has been scheduled to understand potential options for emergency disposal of animal tissue for April 29 at 8 a.m. Six topics will be discussed: 

  • Environmentally sound disposal options.
  • How compost works.
  • Above-ground burial.
  • Carbon feedstocks (types and amounts).
  • Windrow construction (space requirements, design and layout).
  • Windrow management and troubleshooting.

Interested participants must pre-register. Viewing details will be sent to the registered participants prior to the webinar. 
Full details here

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