Buy. Eat. Live Healthy


Buy. Eat. Live Healthy Class
Buy. Eat. Live Healthy participants making food

Buy. Eat. Live Healthy Program

Individuals and Families with limited income are invited to meet with our Nutrition Educator, Nicole Leidal, for a FREE 8 week lesson series! Participants can meet in small groups or individual sessions. In the sessions, participants will practice cooking, meal planning, label reading, and physical activity to make healthy habits easier.

Lesson Topics Include:

  • Welcome - Introduction of program and practicing knife safety
  • Get Moving - Families enjoy being active.
  • Plan, Shop, $ave - Families plan and shop for meals and snacks that are healthy and within their budget.
  • Fruits & Veggies: Half your Plate - Families increase the amount of vegetables and fruits they eat every day to make half their plate fruits and vegetables.
  • Make Half your Grains Whole - Families choose at least half of their grains as whole.
  • Go Lean with Protein - Families select lean protein foods and keep all food safe to eat.
  • Build Strong Bones - Families get enough calcium from low-fat or non-fat dairy foods or other foods high in calcium.
  • Make a Change and Celebrate! - Families limit foods high in fat, sugar, and salt.


To learn more and start your class today contact: 

Nicole Liedal, Nutition Educator

Buy. Eat. Live Healthy educators support individuals and families in making healthy choices on a tight grocery budget. Lessons focus on nutrition education, cooking skills, grocery budget management and active living. Program availability varies by county.