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October 19, 2021

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Counseling will take place via virtual sessions, chat or phone call. People of all ages may join groups online to find support and learn new strategies to cope with the effects of the pandemic in a variety of creative ways

November 9, 2018

Community Partnerships for Protecting Children (CPPC) Cedar County is a community-based appraoch to child protection.  Community members, professionals, and families work together to develop and implement local programs, services, supports, and policies that positively impact families and protect children from abuse.

Taking a few minutes to ‘re-set’ your stress response can help your body and mind find equilibrium. When we feel stress, we may notice our heart racing, breathing becomes more rapid, perhaps increased perspiration, upset digestion, and tense muscles. These physical responses are due to stress hormones that rush through our body and brain to help us respond to the ‘’threat”.  A good rule of thumb, is to give ourselves about 20 minutes for the brain and body to ‘settle’ for the stress hormones to ‘pass’. When emotions become intense, it’s important to recognize that they are messengers about something that is important to us. The emotions can provide energy for us to create change in our situation. Relationships can be strained or strengthened when we are under stress. Self-care when our emotions rise can help us preserve relationships. Just a reminder that professional support can be a valuable part of your mental health self-care portfolio.



Resources Available:

Drug and Alcohol Prevention  information available from Department of Health and Human Services.

Families of Military Personnel and Healthy Parenting Toolkit websites provides resources for parents dealing with issues related to serving in the United States military.

Statewide Resources

  • Answer Line

    Get answers to your home and family questions from the specialists at AnswerLine. Connect with them on the phone, email, or Facebook for information about cleaning, food preparation, preservation, and safety, home, equipment, nutrition, and laundry. 1-800-262-3804 or - answer@iastate.edu

  • A 24-hour resource for legal, finance, crisis and disaster and personal health issues, Iowa Concern provides access to an attorney for legal education, stress counselors, and information and referral services.

  • child care provider with child

    A national resource that brings quality, research-based information to families at the time it can be most useful and make the biggest difference in their lives.

  • Powerful Tools for Caregivers

    A series of classes designed to empower family caregivers of older adults to take better care of themselves. Learn more about the six-week series and find a class near you.

  • social media icons

    Human Sciences Extension and Outreach is all over the social media networks. Stay in touch with us through our blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

  • child care providers reviewing paperwork

    Are you an early childhood professional that provides care and education in your home, a center or a school? Check out our programs, resources, and trainings available to help you be the best early childhood professional you can be.

  • Parenting can be fun, enjoyable and stressful! Check out our blog and podcasts for the latest research based information and resources to help parents in their important role of raising children.

  • Articles from Ag & Biosystems Engineering for housing issues.

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