Club Directory

Meetings: 2nd Monday of the month, 7pm at the Cedar County Extension office

Leader(s): Amy GlickKirstin Moes, Leslie Nebergall

Meetings: 1st Sunday of the month, 3pm at the Clarence Methodist Church

Leader(s): Carrie Pruess

Meetings: 3rd Sunday of the month, 4pm at Bennett Peace Church

Leader(s): Wendy Petersen, Liz Idlewine, Sarah Costello

Meetings: 1st Sunday of the month, 6pm at 125 Hwy 38, Stanwood

Leader(s): Lynn Ketelsen, Kendra VonMuenster

Meetings: 2nd Sunday of the month, 5:30pm Mechanicsville St. Mary's Catholic Church

Leader(s): Lee Crock, Tom Thimmes

Meetings: 2nd Sunday of the month, 6pm at 52 315th St, West Branch

Leader(s): Kyle Kabela

Meetings: 2nd Sunday of the month, 1pm at Cedar County Extension Office

Leader(s): Dionne Daedlow, Dawn Kruse

Meetings: Schedule and location vary

Leader(s): Barb Frauenholz, Rich Frauenholz, Anna Whitlatch

Special Interest Club

Meetings: 3rd Wednesday of the month, 6pm Cedar County Extension office

Leader(s): Teresa Bohlmann, Lori Miller, Amy Glick

Meetings: Schedule and location may vary

Leader(s): Kathryn Brenneman, Kristin Fuhrmann, Audrey Lester

Special Interest Club

Meetings: Contact the Extension office

Leader(s): Teresa Bohlman 563-886-6157