Cass County Extension Seeks Local Input on Food Waste Opportunities

food in garbage can

Are you a local business or organization that deals with food? Maybe you sell or serve food, or maybe you just cater in meals occasionally for events. Whatever your involvement- we want to know what you do with the “extras”!
Cass County Extension is working with a team of local partners to explore options for reducing food waste in Cass County, and we’d like to understand the existing food waste and food recovery efforts going on in Cass County to help us determine our best next steps. 
Our team would like to learn about existing programs, businesses, and organizations that assist in food recovery and waste management throughout the county. We would also like to find organizations that might be interested in participating in programs like this if they were developed. We are asking you to take a brief survey to help us understand the current situation in Cass County. Please share with other businesses or organizations you know of that should be surveyed!
Please follow the link below to take the survey.  We would like to have all responses by June 11 so we can start making plans for upcoming projects:
We appreciate your help in addressing this issue- we know that it is common, but not always a visible part of our daily lives. We hope to lay the ground work for future activities and resources that can assist in getting food to its highest purpose- helping where it is needed most and decreasing the amount of food that is wasted every day. 
Our group is looking to work with diverse individuals, organizations and intstitutions to foster best practices accross the community. After recieving survey responses, our team plans to host a series of public input sessions to develop local projects addressing food waste. If you would like more information on this project, or would like to be involved in our project team, please call or email Kate Olson at the Cass County Extension Office- 712-243-1132 or

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