Cass County COVID-19 Mobile Food For All

Do you live in Cass County? Do you need assistance getting food safely during the time of COVID-19? You’re in the right place!


If you need assistance paying for food right now, and you are not getting enough assistance from the Cass County food pantry nearest to you (see below for information on Cass County food pantries), you can sign up to receive weekly food delivery through Cass County COVID-19 Mobile Food for All by either: 

  • Calling Cass County Public Health at (712) 243-7443, or


What is Cass County COVID-19 Mobile Food for All?
  • Cass County COVID-19 Mobile Food for All is a weekly grant-funded food delivery in Cass County. The purpose of the program is to keep residents of the county fed safely as we face COVID-19.

Who is eligible for Cass County COVID-19 Mobile Food for All?

  • Cass County COVID-19 Mobile Food for All is available to anyone in Cass County who needs assistance affording food at this time. No proof of need is required, but we ask that only people needing the additional support sign up for the program, so we can use the funds longer to benefit those in need.
How does the program work?
  1. You sign up for Cass County COVID-19 Mobile Food for All by either calling Cass County Public Health at (712) 243-7443 or filling out this form. (This same link can be used to cancel your delivery or modify the amount of food you are recieving).
  1. Food will be delivered to your home or a community location near you, depending on whether or not you have access to safely leave your home at this time. We will deliver to all of Cass County. Please note: you must be signed up by Wednesday in order to guarantee a food deliver for the following week, otherwise you may not receive your first order until the next week due to supplier delivery schedules.  Following is our planned delivery schedule based on nearest city. This may change depending on number of sign-ups recieved in each area. Please fill out the sign-up form completely so we can reach you if a delivery change is necessary.

    1. Monday - Atlantic/Marne Area
    2. Tuesday - Anita/Wiota Area
    3. Wednesday- Griswold/Lewis Area
    4. Thursday- Cumberland/Massena Area 
  1. Your food delivery will continue weekly until:

    1. You notify Cass County Public Health that you no longer need the assistance by (712) 243-7443 or using the sign up form online to cancel your order or:
    2. We notify you that we have run out of funding and will discontinue our service.


What food does the Cass County COVID-19 Mobile Food for All provide?
  • Similar to Cass County food pantries, Cass County COVID-19 Mobile Food will be providing a food box based on family size and need.

Additional Resources: 

Cass County Food Pantries

  • Website:
  • Pantry Delivery: If needing food delivered due to COVID-19, call your pantry at least two days in advance of open hours. See below for phone numbers.

Anita Food Pantry
Phone:            (712) 762-3645
Address:         208 Chestnut St, Anita, IA 50020
Hours:             1st & 3rd Saturday, 9:00am - 11:00am
Atlantic Food Pantry
Delivery phone: (712)249-5870 (Brigham Hoegh, Cass County Wellness Coordinator)
Pantry phone:  (712) 243-5019 (9-11 AM Mon, Thurs)
Address:         19 W. 4th St., Atlantic, IA 50022
Hours:             Thursdays, 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Cumberland Care & Share Food Pantry
Phone:            (712) 774-5818
Address:         317 Monroe St, Cumberland, IA 50843
Hours:             1st & 3rd Wednesday, 4:00pm- 5:30pm
Lord’s Cupboard of Griswold
Phone:            (712) 778-4178
Address:         100 Cass St., Griswold, IA 51535
Hours:             2nd and 4th Tuesday, 11:00am - 2:00pm

Need Additional Assistance?

Check out the Cass County COVID-19 Resource Guide for more assistance available during this time.

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