About ISU Extension and Outreach: Carroll County

The Carroll County Extension Office is a part of a county, state, and federal partnership bringing the resources of Iowa State University and the USDA to you. We provide information and informal educational opportunities to adults and youth on a variety of topics relating to agriculture, business and industry, families, communities, and youth.


Who Benefits. . .

·Young people from rural areas and communities who learn from 4-H activities and projects.

·Families who utilize food and nutrition information and parenting instruction and senior citizens.

·Farmers who rely on ISU Extension as a reliable source of information they can apply to their farm business operations.

·Community leaders, small business owners, consumers, and many other people just like you.

The Carroll County Extension Stakeholder's Report showcases Extension Partnerships and Programming. Please take a few moments to review some of Carroll County Extension Service Programs





Extension Council members are elected by the voters of Carroll County to serve four year terms. They oversee the planning, preparation, marketing and delivery of the extension educational programs in the county. Every county in Iowa has an extension council. Extension Councils provide, through a unique partnership with Iowa State University and other federal and state organizations, research-based, unbiased information and education to help county citizens make better decisions.






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